Analysis of Hero (Indie RPG)

August 26, 2009

For those of you who actually read this blog (Yeah, I wish), you might not be familiar with Hero, the following are a number of observations on how the game, which is currently in beta version 0.8; could be improved/changed.

Bug (Class C): If you click on a storekeeper in Pale Village and as you start walking towards the shopkeep you then click somewhere else, the player character will walk to the second place but then immediately start walking to the storekeeper. This can be a bit confusing until you let the player character finish walking towards the storekeep, not a major bug though.

Other suggestions:

Items with usage requirements should list that requirement in text (Similar to how a potion lists how much it will heal by), if the requirement isn’t met, then that piece of text should be coloured red.

If you click the ‘Go to exit’ button whilst in the shop interface screen, that screen should close (The player character will start walking towards the exit, but shop screen stays open). Speaking of the go to exit feature, it seems a bit odd the way the player character will reach one of the region walls that allows exit to the map screen and then walk along it for a bit, maybe put a check after each move to see if the region edge has been reached yet?

I think for the shop keepers items, it might be better to show the items for sale in a list form with item picture on the left and item name to the right. Anything sold to the shopkeeper can just be popped onto the end of the list. At the moment, I have to mouse over each item to see the specifics of what it is, which is an ease of use issue. It does admittedly add the complication of needing to be able to sort items by type though.

I think it’d be nice if the inventory screen had a space at the bottom for items that are on the ground (Preferably the square underneath the player and the 8 neighbouring squares), for instance, if I’ve been killed and I’m going in to retrieve my equipment from a hostile location, I’d like to be able to walk up, pick up just the weapon and try and finish the monster off before picking everything else up.

Might be nice to have the ability to make camp in order to regain health without going all the way back to civilisation. The amount of time (And therefor the chance of an ambush by wolves or something) would be influenced by the first aid skill.

You should replace “Dungeon cleared” with “Area cleared” so the phrase is correct wherever it might be needed.

And for completeness (I’m sure this is already on the to-do list), sidescrolling should work even though the mouse cursor is also hovering over buttons.


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