The Buildings in: A New World

March 19, 2010

So, I’ve mentioned my major project on occasion where you’re a group of refugees setting up a colony on an alien world, here’s a glimpse of many of the buildings within the game world. You’ll notice straight away that these don’t exactly have much in the way of detail or realism in them, that’s because they are intended to be representational rather than realistic, to try and give an impression of each buildings purpose where possible but primarily the focus is on making the colouring and shape distinct between each different building.

I’ll omit the foundation layer building type which is just a bit of road and that’s pretty much it.

This is the agricultural building which has the obvious purpose of fast growing crops for consumption by your populace.

This is the Emergency Response Facility, as well as having vehicles for fighting fires & rescuing anyone trapped in damaged buildings it includes medical and police facilities as an all in one centre for dealing with various catastrophies and incidents that could happen on the alien world you’ve just colonised.

As you can probably tell from the tall chimneys that adorn this building – This is the factory which turns various raw materials and produce into other products including processed foodstuffs, computer systems, futuristic cars, school & sports equipment, etc.

This is the life support facility, it uses chemicals gathered via the mining & smelting facility to create the liquids and gasses required to survive on a hostile barren planet.

This is the Mining & Smelting Facility, it sends out diggers and other gathering vehicles to collect the raw materials used in the survival of the colony.

You can’t have a modern civilisation without power and a colony on another world would be no different in that regard, being a Fusion/Fission power plant, it takes isotopes/radioactive elements gathered via the Mining & Smelting facility to create power for all the buildings within the colony.

This is the basic version of the residential district, providing housing which can be expanded until you reach level 4 of the residential district…

Once fully upgraded, it looks like this. If you need more housing, you’d better get to building a new housing district from scratch.

This is a combined School & University facility that teaches the youngsters the sciences and knowledge required for a whole new colony (There’s a temptation here for me to make a reference to a certain song in the Jeff Wayne version of the War of the Worlds…).

And last of all, we have a storage facility, though the factory & mining/smelting facility have some storage space in the hangers for shipping and so on, this is where the bulk of stored materials of all sorts would be kept.

The buildings are built up into a grid system so you build up a sprawling city over time, there are other buildings I want to add, a Laboratory building, Arts Centre, Commercial Centre, Park and Sports Centre I’d like to add but I haven’t made the assets for these yet.


6 Responses to “The Buildings in: A New World”

  1. xboxwalkthroughs Says:

    Awesome dude i think this game will be good

  2. I like the shapes. It would be nice if the colors were brighter. Bright colors just make the experience more fun.

  3. Are these fully rendered? I like it. I am also wanting to create a game… I would be more on the writing/player investment end of things.

    • Robert Farr Says:

      The images above are quick renders in Maya without any effort put into the lighting systems built into that software. They come out very much like that in both Torque ShowTool Pro (A preview tool that you can check your exported models in) and in the game engine itself.

      Myself I’m primarily interested in game design & the player experience – attempting to remove anything that aggravates or frustrates the player where reasonable, so that whatever ‘fun’ exists in the game has a chance to shine.

  4. I like what you’re doing with this. It looks really good. I’m actually working on a Mario spoof flash game. It should be fun. I have some images on my blog if you get a chance to take a look.

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