Update on Island Adventure Game

November 4, 2010

Not long ago I posted two diagrams showing the layout of an island and a sequence of actions required to ‘complete’ the game, here’s the island layout.

And here’s what I’ve put together so far in the last 24 hours (and slept):

Where I am so far:

I’ve built the general layout of the island. There’s a ton of tweaking to with the textures/terrain shape and those trees are place-holder assets that come with Torque 3D.

In addition to that there’s placement of the camera/scene transition triggers and objects the player interacts with…

…Which means I’d need to create the following assets (World objects and frequently inventory icons) – Trees, Ship wreck, Cooking Utensils (Pot with water in it), Sharp Knife, Axe, Sewing Kit, Jug, Map & Compass, Damaged sail, Repaired sail, Logpile, Incomplete Raft, Complete Raft, Vines, Coconuts, a Boar (Boars meat as an icon), a player character/avatar, Long stick, Spear, Berries (& a bush), Cave entrance/Interior. Since I can’t really use Maya without breaking the law now (Can’t afford my own copy) I’ve got a book on Blender and plan to learn using that, guess I’ll have to learn the Blender – Collada – Torque DTS workflow for that.

And whilst I’ve scripted out the code for camera position/scene changing, I haven’t yet built the UI, nor coded the picking up & using of items.

There’s a long way to go. Might focus on the coding side of things once I’ve done the scene transition triggers before I worry about making tons of art assets. Decisions decisions.



4 Responses to “Update on Island Adventure Game”

  1. Scarmath Says:

    I realize this may be out of the scope of your project, but looking at your map, I was overwhelmed with the smell of old-fashioned adventure game logic. Is there really just one place on the island to find a stick? Only one set of coconut trees?

    I know these issues can be mitigated later on with in-game justifications (This is the only straight stick, all those other coconuts are sick with the flue, etc), but it might be something to think about.

    • Scarmath Says:

      And then I misspelled “flu,” and totally killed my funny joke.

      Rest in peace, joke. Rest in peace.

    • Robert Farr Says:

      Which is funny because it’s something I’m trying to avoid. In the case of coconut trees, it’s not unreasonable that there’d be several locations you can get those from so that’s cool.

      In the case of the long stick, that’s a bit of a language fail on me and I meant something like ‘a long, sturdy stick’, some description that lends itself to a hint that you’re supposed to turn it into a spear with the knife. Could probably allow multiple solutions to the killing the boar problem as well, such as throwing the axe at it instead of making a spear.

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