Technically you’re supposed to discover all of this through play and I mostly did myself, except when I looked up info on the Treeguard just because. If you’re wondering what the heck Don’t Starve is, here’s their site the game is also available on Steam.

Spend the first 3-5 days locating the Beefalo herd for manure, and a mine area to get the 7 nuggets needed for the alchemy & science machines.

The best place for your main base is in savannah next to a few rabbit locations and near the Beefalo herd, as a bonus you’ll have access to a large number of grass tufts to make traps with.

Plant 20 or so saplings near your base so you have a ready made source of twigs for making equipment and traps with.

When walling off your base have a backdoor in case something very big follows you in one of the entrances.

You don’t need to bait the traps with food, just place them directly on top of the rabbit holes and when they spawn out of them the trap falls on the heads of rabbits.

Before winter (Starts around day 20), get the shovel and place as many of the berry bushes as you can in clumps around the base, replanted berry bushes and grass tufts require manure to get them going again, and don’t forget to build a lightning rod otherwise there’s a risk a lightning bolt will land on your berry farm and wipe it out.

Filling the Crock pot with 1-3 rabbits & 1-3 berries (Total of 4) is a great way of refilling about 40% of your food bar. Making jerky on drying racks even with just rabbit morsels is a great way of restoring your health & keep sanity from dropping too far. You’ll need charcoal for those two items, the trick is to find a place to plant some trees, let them grow to the first stage of growth then make a torch and use it to set one of the trees on fire. The fire will then leap from tree to tree and afterwards a single axe hit turns each tree into a charcoal brick.

Spiders are a good source of healing items, get the glands they drop, put a stack of combustible items on the ground (Logs or grass) and torch them for a stack of ash to make the healing salve. I’ve got 16 healing salves in reserve at the moment for nasty encounters thanks to wiping out a few spider colonies.

When winter comes I’ve found I can usually do just fine for cold protection only carrying the Heat stone, as long as I have supplies to throw down a quick camp fire if I get caught out taking too long to get to or from somewhere (for instance stopping to kill some wandering spiders).

It is worth making the spear as a basic weapon as it does enough damage more than an axe or pick to make it worth the upgrade, that one less hit on a spider can make the difference.

When you find touchstones, use them, they’re basically a resurrection stone. You should probably place some winter (freezing) survival gear near it in case you die during winter.
Also note the big heads on sticks you see near the touchstones can be smashed with a hammer as an easy way to get a few pig skins, useful for making football helmets to increase your combat survivability.

Have a second pit fire placed near the Beefalo herd (but not too close), so that if anything nasty comes you can relocate to B Base even at night with a torch and draw them in near the Beefalo in the hopes they’ll go after the Beefalo (Especially useful with larger hound packs as they change to nearest target after they stop to bark at you for a moment).

You can always carry log armour in a backpack and switch away to armour for combat, then when you pick the backpack up afterwards you can just place the log armour back into the pack.

Treeguards chasing after you can be made to sleep by planting pinecones, always try to keep a reserve of 10 in your inventory when chopping trees down.

Spider Queens upgrade from tier 3 spider dens, the best response is to avoid them and wait until they resettle as a tier 1 colony then go in and wipe out both the new spider den and the (probably tier 2 again) original colony.