16 Brynhyfryd Road                                       

Briton Ferry


SA11 2HT                                                      

E-mail: goldensword (at symbol here)  ntlworld.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Larington

Blog: https://larington.wordpress.com/about/


A recent honours degree graduate with practical knowledge and experience of game design and development. A team player, dedicated, diligent, tactful. Possesses good communication skills, a keen eye for detail and capable of working in a methodical and efficient manner. Primarily concerned with the player experience in computer games such as progression and the challenges of save games and difficulty over the course of time. Passionate about the relationship between the design and the implementation of games. Keeping up to date on current trends and developments within games industry including attending game development conferences like Develop Brighton.

Key Skills

  • Maya 3D
  • Torque 3D Level Design
  • GIMP (Image Manipulation Program)
  • Microsoft Office Software Suite
  • Forum Moderation
  • Community Management

University Studies

Torque 3D with focus on level design & scripting, modelling, texturing & animating in Maya, Project Management, Story boarding, Life Drawing, Smalltalk, basic C++.

Final Project in which the player builds a colony on a new world involving game & interface design, scripting, level design, asset design & creation and project management.

Was part of a group project to create a game where the player takes on the role of a cat. Focused on the progression of the game and how the player interacts with the game world.

Game Development Experience

Personal Projects – Working on a simple adventure game prototype in Torque3D and revisiting the city building game from my University studies currently with the support of two others.

Mastersword modification – Used the Half-Life game engine to create an RPG as level & game designer and as a project lead managing team members in multiple time zones. Reprioritised early development of project away from coding new game mechanics (IE Magic) towards level creation thereby providing more of a playable game world. Resolved conflict between two team members regarding testing of in development level content. Created MS_cave level.

Education and Training

Swansea Metropolitan Uni BA (Hons) Creative Computer Game Design 2:2 2007-2010
Game Balance Concepts (Not assessed) 2010
Game Design Concepts (Not assessed) 2009
Cathays High School A-Levels, Business Studies & Information Systems 1998-2000
Cathays High School GCSE’s, Grade C 6 subjects 1993-1998

Employment History

Mortgage Administrator Halifax Bank of Scotland Feb 07-Dec 08
Payroll Administrator Tesco PLC Nov 05-Jun 06
Data Entry Clerk Atlantic Electric & Gas Mar 02-Oct 04
Clerical Assistant International Baccalaureate Org Nov 01-Feb 02
Clerical Assistant International Baccalaureate Org Apr 01-Jul 01

References – Available on request


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