Not long ago I posted two diagrams showing the layout of an island and a sequence of actions required to ‘complete’ the game, here’s the island layout.

And here’s what I’ve put together so far in the last 24 hours (and slept):

Where I am so far:

I’ve built the general layout of the island. There’s a ton of tweaking to with the textures/terrain shape and those trees are place-holder assets that come with Torque 3D.

In addition to that there’s placement of the camera/scene transition triggers and objects the player interacts with…

…Which means I’d need to create the following assets (World objects and frequently inventory icons) – Trees, Ship wreck, Cooking Utensils (Pot with water in it), Sharp Knife, Axe, Sewing Kit, Jug, Map & Compass, Damaged sail, Repaired sail, Logpile, Incomplete Raft, Complete Raft, Vines, Coconuts, a Boar (Boars meat as an icon), a player character/avatar, Long stick, Spear, Berries (& a bush), Cave entrance/Interior. Since I can’t really use Maya without breaking the law now (Can’t afford my own copy) I’ve got a book on Blender and plan to learn using that, guess I’ll have to learn the Blender – Collada – Torque DTS workflow for that.

And whilst I’ve scripted out the code for camera position/scene changing, I haven’t yet built the UI, nor coded the picking up & using of items.

There’s a long way to go. Might focus on the coding side of things once I’ve done the scene transition triggers before I worry about making tons of art assets. Decisions decisions.